The Islander Group is the ideal solution for manufacturers requiring more than just simple delivery at the end of their supply chain

  • Warehousing


    We operate out of 6 warehouses throughout the state of Hawaii. TIG's main facility is a 55,000 ft. distribution center located in Mililani Technology Park.

    We service over 1,000 retailers and are equipped to interface with the most complex (EDI and ASN capabilities) and/or basic ordering systems.

    Our warehouse pulls, packs and ships over 200 orders per day and is uniquely setup to process piece-rate orders.

  • Distribution


    We operate a fleet of vans and trucks that provide direct-store-delivery statewide, 5-days per week.

    For select clients, we offer merchandising services to ensure product is adequately stocked and displayed on store shelves.

  • Sales


    We have a full-service sales team that works closely with retailers to ensure that stores are supplied with just-in time inventory.

    At the same time, our sales associates support our manufacturer partners in the successful delivery, merchandising and expansion of their products and brands in Hawaii.