The Islander Group was founded in 1975 as Pacific Trade Group--initially, Pacific Trade Group operated as a specialty distributor of books to local retailers throughout the state of Hawaii. Over time, as retailers and manufacturers struggled with the logistic complexities of maintaining a well-functioning supply chain in Hawaii, The Islander Group was approached with numerous opportunities to distribute products for name-brand manufacturers. Through years of steadfast commitment, The Islander Group has established a reputation of excellence among its manufacturer and retail partners.

Today, The Islander Group is one of the largest independent distributors of general merchandise in the state of Hawaii. The Islander Group is proud to service over 1,000 retail accounts and distribute over 6,000 products statewide.

Our team is comprised of a talented group of enthusiastic employees with expertise in sales, marketing, finance, warehousing and distribution. All together, we have over 120 employees that contribute to The Islander Group's reputation as the leading distribution company in Hawaii.

Mission Statement

"The Islander Group is committed to being the leading distributor for and about the people of Hawaii."